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Introduction of the AEii

AEii is established with aims of extending existing international networks, such as
with more focused on implementation and commercialization of applied results. By supporting from Ningbo City and other sponsors, the AEii was founded in December 2013 with office building of 3,000 square meters at the international standard, specially designed for spin-off entrepreneurs and SEMs.

In additional to the wide international network, AEii has built up a professional management team to provide local service and supports for marketing, capital searching, and commercialization of new inventions and R&D results.
In collaboration with the local city, the local team will also provide supports for the start-up of new companies including the company registration, account booking and audit, legal issues and other services. The goal of AEii is to provide all conditions for spin-off companies or SMEs to be able to carry your bag to AEii today and start your business tomorrow.