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Projects The EU-China Applied Energy Programme’s aim is to promote structured cooperation of education and research between EU and China to create a multi-disciplinary center of the excellence in energy and climate change.
The scientific goals are to educate about 200 PhD degrees, 100 post-docs, and publish about 1000+ high quality papers in 5 years.

  • Focused Areas

    Focused Areas

    Challenges in energy supply and use call for energy revolution and low-carbon energy technologies. It is urgent to push forward the development and deployment of technologies into innovation and further into commercialization, economically, environmentally and socially. AEii is an initiative to promote and speed-up energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, carbon capture and storage (CCS), and new or improved technologies for cleaner, more efficient power generation, industrial processes, buildings or vehicles by link different sectors and stakeholders.

    The focused areas of the AEii include
    • Renewable energy resources and technologies
      • Solar energy including PV, solar thermal etc
      • Biomass and bioenergy including biofuels, biogas
      • Smart systems integrated with renewable energy
      • Online and off-grid renewable energy systems
    • Energy efficiency and emission mitigation
      • Energy efficiency improvement in industrial processes
      • Energy saving and low carbon buildings
      • Building Integrated PV (BIPV)
      • Heat recovery and high efficiency heat exchangers, heat pumps, heat pipes etc
      • Reductions of SOx, NOx, CO2
      • Carbon capture and storage
    • Energy storage and new materials;
      • Mobilized thermal energy storage
      • Phase change materials (PCM) energy storage materials
      • High effective catalysts
      • Membrane materials
    • Other clean energy technologies and solutions
      • Waste-to-energy technologies
      • Low carbon city framework and indicators
      • Carbon trading

  • Ongoing Projects

    Initial Projects

    Initial projects by AEii are start-up projects, which are based on the previous R&D in solar PV technologies, energy storage and biofuels. Those technologies were originally developed in research projects in Sweden in cooperation with China supported by various international organizations and funding institutes such as Asian Development Bank (ADB), Swedish International Cooperation Agency (SIDA), Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillv?xtvereket), Swedish Research Council, Swedish Energy Agency etc. The R&D results are being further developed for the commercialization into the market through demonstration, prototypes and full-scale projects.